• An inspirational walking tour with Japan’s Denim 'Kami' (god) !

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    An inspirational walking tour with Japan’s Denim 'Kami' (god) !

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Working vintage jeans I discovered a lot of misinformation online,
I knew it was wrong, so I wanted to create a well-researched informative book

- Yutaka, on his Levis collaboration collector’s book

What’s worth seeing:

  • *TARO Exclusive: Privately guided tour with one of the most knowledgeable masters of vintage clothing and denim in the industry, Yutaka Fujihara. Visit Harajuku’s top vintage stores, meet its’ legendary buyers, and be updated on the newest collection of unique pieces.
  • As Covid-19 safety measure, all of the above services are available remotely, as well
  • Purchased merchandises can be shipped to your hotel or, globally
  • Interpreter, private driver and babysitting service available for additional fee

What is it?

Yutaka is the man behind iconic Harajuku vintage and denim store BerBerJin. Hollywood celebrities, musicians, designers and denim hunters with an eye for the elusive make the pilgrimage to his store whenever they're in Japan.

His role in the international denim scene could be likened to somewhere between an art collector, carefully inspecting and valuing pieces us regular folk have no way of deciphering, and an archaeologist digging deep to document and share priceless long-forgotten denim relics bringing them back to life for the greater good.

Enjoy your walk with Yutaka, one of Taro’s close-knit collaborators -- a TAROjin, and a storyteller who will enlighten you with his dedication to vintage denim, and connect you to the ura-hara culture.

STORIES - Meet TAROjin Yutaka Fujihara, Japan’s Denim Kami


  • Start of the tour

    Meet Yutaka at BerBerJin in ura-hara backstreets of Harajuku.
  • You will start with an exclusive viewing of the latest rare collection at BerBerJin, followed by a visit to other top legendary vintage stores; where you will get a chance to meet its owners / buyers and hear their stories and inspirations behind their favorite collector’s item.

    During the walking tour, you will get Yutaka’s insight on the makings of his Levis collaboration collector’s book THE 501 ® XX – A COLLECTION OF VINTAGE JEANS, and the upcoming compilation of vintage jean’s jackets, due for release in October 2020.

    The walking tour will last 60 minutes~90 minutes, depending on the number of stores you’d like to visit. Merchandise consultation by Yutaka is included in this fee. The tour is scheduled to end back at BerBerJin, unless requested otherwise.

PRICE: ¥88,000~ (Plus 10% Tax) / Interpreter fee not included (please ask)
IDEAL FOR: Up to 2 persons
LANGUAGE: Japanese

*The cost of the merchandise and courier service are not included. Please pay the merchants directly.
*Private driver, interpreter, and babysitting services are available for an additional fee.



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