• Tokyo, through the eyes of Tange


    Tokyo, through the eyes of Tange

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In 1960, it was Kenzo Tange,
Ginza, and Asakusa should be different.
and in 2020, it is Chairman Paul Tange, who is responsible for the design.

- on Olympic Aquatics Center

What’s worth seeing:

  • 1964 Olympics, Yoyogi National Gymnasium - Harajuku
  • Cocoon Tower, Tokyo Mode Gakuen - Shinjuku
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office - Shinjuku
  • Park Hyatt Tokyo - Shinjuku
  • Private dining with Paul Tange at a Michelin star restaurant

What is it?

Armed with a Masters in Architecture from Harvard, Paul Noritaka Tange takes you on a journey of his and his father’s works, the world renowned architect Kenzo Tange -- the philosophies and vision that underpinned his masterpieces including the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Stadium, The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and in Paul’s generation, the award-winning Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower.

Photo:© Osamu Murai

Featuring a Michelin star chef’s seasonal highlights of the day, a personal and private dining with Paul -- more shared memories, stories and deep insights into Japan; past present and future as seen through the eyes of this extraordinary family of architects with a vision built on courage, passion, integrity, and dedication for promoting the idea of ‘people first’.


  • 10am

    TARO attendee will greet you at your hotel with our private chauffer. We will begin our journey to Harajuku, where Paul Tange shall meet us.
  • 10:30am

    1964 Olympics, Yoyogi National Gymnasium - Harajuku

    “Kenzo Tange believed that the existence of pillars would obstruct the link between the athletes and spectators, so the response that he came up with was to design a roof with a cable structure. Suspending the roof by tension to achieve a large space. This system was typically used for bridges, but no one had ever attempted to use a suspension structure over such a large space in a building. Kenzo Tange was fully motivated, but for the staff at the time, it was a first, and they said it was a challenge that required a fair amount of courage.” - Tange Associates, VP Tomohiro Kimura
  • 11am

    Cocoon Tower, Tokyo Mode Gakuen - Shinjuku

    “The head of Mode Gakuen spoke passionately about how a school is a place that cultivates dreams, so he wanted a building where new dreams can emerge and develop. At the time, I was three years out of graduate school. Five years later, after a process of overcoming various issues related to budget, planning, regulations, and construction, the building was completed. It was possible to get to this point due to Chairman Tange’s leadership and the enthusiasm of the head of Mode Gakuen.” - Principal Architect, Masaki Nakaya
  • 11:30am

    Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office - Shinjuku

    Tocho, as referred to in Japanese, presides over 37 million habitants of Tokyo metropolis. Built in 1991, it consists of 3 structures : #1: 48 stories with 3 basement floors / 243.40m ; #2: 34F with B3 / 163.30m; and the Assembly Building: 7F with B1 and 1 penthouse floor / 41.00m -- on a total of 400,000sq m. Its design and facade resembles a complex electrictronic circuit of the modern era, while the 2 towers evoke the feel of a Gothic cathedral.
  • 12pm

    Park Hyatt Tokyo (Shinjuku Park Tower) - Shinjuku

    Built in 1994, the Tower stands at 235m and 52 stories, of which Park Hyatt occupies from the 39th floor to the 52nd floor. Breathe in the grand 360 degree view of Tokyo (and Mt. Fuji on a clear day) from Park Hyatt, with an aperitif or a refreshment of your choice.
  • 12:30pm

    Private dining with Paul, featuring a Michelin star chef and seasonal delights.Restaurant to be decided according to your request.

- Includes transport, entrance, refreshments and dining (may vary upon request) Tax separate
Attendees: Minimum 4 people ~


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