• Long-term Rentals and Micro Stays: How Japan’s Luxury Hotels are Innovating


    Long-term Rentals and Micro Stays: How Japan’s Luxury Hotels are Innovating


With the arrival of COVID-19 in Japan a year ago now, many of the country's industries have had to adapt and reinvent themselves to survive; this statement is no more poignant than when looking at the country's hotel and hospitality industry.

While many of the nation's hotels were preparing for an estimated 40 million tourists in 2020, the reality was harsh; international tourism disappeared, and so did most of the hotel industry's clientele.

The Imperial Hotel

One of Tokyo's most iconic luxury establishments, the Imperial Hotel Tokyo, located right by Ginza and Marunouchi's upmarket neighbourhoods, has just launched a budget-friendly campaign to attract more guests.

Referred to as the "serviced apartment business," the new initiative sees the hotel rent out 99 rooms in their Tower Wing. The 'rental' price is 360,000 yen (including tax) for 30 nights in a studio type room (about 30 square meters).

The price includes 24-hour access to a service attendant, a business lounge, a parking lot, a fitness centre, a communal space on the floor with complimentary bread for breakfast, a washer/dryer, and a microwave oven access. At 12,000 yen per night (USD 114), it's a massive cut from the hotel's regular 40,000 to 50,000 yen per night price tag.

Services like laundry (30,000 yen) and room service meals (60,000 yen) will be offered as additional upgrades. The minimum stay is 150,000 yen for five nights, and the program will run from March 15 to July 15.

The Prince Hotel Group

On the other end of the scale, the Prince Hotel group are offering guests the option to select short term, flexible stays, known as "Flex 10." The plan will allow guests to check-in 24 hours a day and stay for up to 10 hours at any of its participating hotels in Tokyo until March 31.

The company expects the service to be embraced by teleworkers and people who have missed the last train.

The hotels offering this service are The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, The Prince Park Tower Tokyo, The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo, Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, Shinagawa Prince Hotel Main Tower, Shinjuku Prince Hotel, Sunshine City Prince Hotel, and Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel.

Room rates depend on the hotel, and a 20% discount is also available at the hotel's restaurants (including in-room dining), but eligibility conditions may apply.

News Source: HOTERES Online (Japanese)

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