• Villa Rakuen - Elegance and Luxury on the Seto Inland Sea


    Villa Rakuen - Elegance and Luxury on the Seto Inland Sea


The elegant Villa Rakuen has all the charm and warm hospitality of a traditional family-run ryokan - and all the luxurious appointments and exemplary service one expects from a high-end luxury establishment. This despite being a brand-new, thoroughly modern facility that opened in the summer of 2010. With all the facilities of the resort at your disposal, you might feel spoiled for choice; but don't let that stop you from appreciating the serene suites of Villa Rakuen. Feast your senses on some exquisite kaiseki ryori haute cuisine, then sit in the big open-air rotemburo bath on your spacious deck, and let Villa Rakuen's friendly, professional staff serve up the height of omotenashi traditional Japanese hospitality.

The Design

With its spectacular panoramic view of the Komoe Kaigan yacht basin and the Seto Inland Sea beyond, Villa Rakuen is a high-end, premium ryokan-style hotel that bespeaks luxury. Its spacious, airy rooms and opulent bathing facilities attract onsen hot spring lovers from all over Japan, especially from the Kansai district around Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. As you gaze at the ships passing to and from the Port of Kobe, feel the cool ocean breezes as they caress your cheek, and listen to the sounds of surf and the calls of birds circling over the harbor - a scene created for contemplation and relaxation.

Feature Room: Umi Type A 101

This is a big Japanese-style room, suitable for a family or large group. It boasts a large dining table that seats twelve, as well as a spacious hinoki wood rotemburo. A large settee faces the huge, ceiling-high window, and rattan deck chairs grace the private garden terrace.


Villa Rakuen's chefs draw inspiration for their delicious and artful creations from Awaji Island, which is known for its excellent food and local farms that supply the Imperial household. The world-famous Kobe beef cows start their lives on farms on the island before being shipped to the Kobe area. The fresh seafood from the Seto Naikai (Inland Sea) is equally famous and is well represented in Villa Rakuen's kaiseki ryori traditional Japanese haute cuisine. Meals are served in the rooms, traditional ryokan style.

The Baths

The Ryokan has three spectacular baths, the indoor Awajitanada no Yu, which offers wonderful scenic views of the surrounding sea, indoor-outdoor facility Kuniumi no Yu, and Tenkyo no Shizuku. This facility a popular bathing destination for a good reason - the quality, size, and variety of the onsen hot spring baths at the complex are a revelation for hot spring lovers. Guests staying at Villa Rakuen are welcome to use the bathing facilities of all of the other buildings in the Komoe resort complex.


There are plenty of spa choices in the Komoe area as well. The Komoe Spa offers massage and other treatments, including a delicious flower petal bath full of orchid blossoms, an oxygen capsule for Oxy spa treatments, germanium therapy (particularly effective on the hands and feet) and reflexology. The Bankunmei spa offers Thai massage. Guests can take a boat to Shimahana, the property across the harbor, where there are more restaurants, facilities, spas, and a yacht harbor. Some of these offer Thalasso Tani Greek-style treatments, massage, and other spa treatments, as well as a game room, a pet grooming salon, and other facilities and restaurants.

The Sky Lounge

Villa Rakuen's Tenjo no Sajiki executive lounge on the 11th floor includes a library, Wifi wireless LAN Internet access, coffee, tea, and massage chairs, as well as the concierge service, along with its spectacular view of the harbor and the Inland Sea.

Marine Activities

Guests of Villa Rakuen have a huge variety of activities to choose from, including water sports, fishing, tennis, and other sports. Another popular activity is to charter a fishing boat for the day from the marina.

Access Information
The closest bus station is Sumoto Bus Stop. A complimentary transfer service from/to Sumoto Bus Center (5min) is available.

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