• Kotohira Kadan - Mountain-Flanked Elegance


    Kotohira Kadan - Mountain-Flanked Elegance


Perched on a mountainside above the historical town of Kotohira, the elegant Kotohira Kadan boasts both exemplary service and food and a tangible link to an illustrious past. Overlooking the 400-year-old Kotohira shrine, one of the most prestigious in Japan, Kotohira Kadan has extended its excellent hospitality to some of the nation's most famous writers and artists, who come for the unique blend of service, luxury and traditional Japan. The ryokan has even been mentioned in some classic works of Japanese literature.

The Villas

This ryokan boasts several sukiya-zukuri heritage villas, which are available for guests to stay in, both for a unique experience and to get a unique perspective on historical lifestyles. These villas are set amid a Japanese garden, and the whole establishment boasts a stunning environment - one side of the ryokan looks out over the town of Kotohira and the Mt. Sanuki-Fuji mountain range in the distance; the other looks out on the beautifully tended grounds and historic buildings.

And complementing the beauty of the surroundings and the fascinating historical buildings, Kotohira Kadan's friendly service, tastefully appointed rooms and exquisite cuisine keep customers coming back for a one-of-a-kind experience that touches the soul of Japan.

Feature Room: Hanare-Chouseiden

This beautiful suite features a big 18-mat tatami room and an entire wall of windows overlooking the town, and tile-roofed villas. Inside, the rooms are like a step back in time to the Taisho era and before, including period paintings on the fusuma sliding doors, hanging scrolls, and traditional household items like shodo (calligraphy) and chado (tea ceremony) boxes. The bath is equally spacious and sports a carved wood roof.


Villa Rakuen's chefs draw inspiration for their delicious and artful creations from Awaji Island, which is known for its excellent food and local farms that supply the Imperial household. The world-famous Kobe beef cows start their lives on farms on the island before being shipped to the Kobe area. The fresh seafood from the Seto Naikai (Inland Sea) is equally famous and is well represented in Villa Rakuen's kaiseki ryori traditional Japanese haute cuisine. Meals are served in the rooms, traditional ryokan style.


The rotemburo open-air baths of the ryokan's Kompira Spa are a gorgeous pleasure. The public bath, "Kissho no yu," is surrounded by a bamboo glade and is lit up at night, lending a dreamy atmosphere to the bathing experience, and simply soaking under stars and gazing out at the view of the city lights and the mountains beyond is a rare pleasure.

The private rotemburo, "Nagomi-yu," boasts a big wooden tub with a spectacular view over the valley. Another private rotemburo "Morino-yu" is an open-air bath with a granite bath, where you can enjoy the hot spring while feeling a sense of unity with nature surrounded by tree. These baths can be reserved for families and small parties.

The naturally alkaline hot spring water, sourced locally, is packed with minerals and ionic compounds, which make it effective at relieving pain from stiff joints, sore muscles and neuralgia.

Thai SPA - Ashiya Bankunmei

Redolent with spice and incense, Ashiya Bankunmei has seven spaces for treatments plus an herb steam tent. Ashiya Bankunmei's three qualified masseuses offer Thai massage, foot massage, herb ball treatment, and aromatherapy.

Garden Lounge

This public space includes a library, a bar, pleasant jazz music, massage chairs, and wireless internet access and computers for the use of guests. A tsukimidai moon-viewing veranda overlooks the lights of the town and distant mountains - a very pleasant place to spend a few idle hours.

Access Information
The closest train station is Kotohira Station. A complimentary transfer from/to JR Kotohira Station (3min) and Kotoden Kotohira Station (3min) is also available. Reservation required.

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