• The gift that gives all year round - the glorious nature of Furano

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    The gift that gives all year round - the glorious nature of Furano


Known affectionately as the "belly button" of Hokkaido, Furano is a picturesque town situated in the exact center of Hokkaido. Home to sprawling lavender plantations and the stunning Mt. Tokachi, Furano, it's the most beautiful 'belly button' you'll ever see.

The town is home to some of the region's best produce, like melons and pumpkins, and is blanketed in lush greenery and bright flowers in the summertime; Furano is rich with majestic rural views and untouched nature that shows a different side to the Japanese landscape.

Furano is also renowned for being home to some of the best ski conditions in the world. Light powder snow carpets the region, making it a haven for skiers and snowboarders of all backgrounds and levels.

Furano Winery 50th Anniversary Harvest Party – The Connect Table

Since 1972 Furano has been a wine-producing region and is now one of Japan's most highly regarded wine centers, with unique blends and even local festivals dedicated to the drink. The winemakers at the long-established Furano Winery have won multiple wine contests and pride themselves in only using locally grown Furano grapes rather than importing varietals from abroad. The wildly fluctuating temperatures of the Furano Basin make for a unique growing environment, affording the winery a great amount of flexibility when blending and bottling its wine.

In September 2022, the winery celebrated its 50th anniversary of the harvest season. To commemorate the celebration, the first event of the new series, “The Connect Table,” was hosted by Furano Winery and the city of Furano. The event was produced by EXEC.INTERNATIONAL INC., a company that has designed and produced events for premium fashion brands and companies across the world, and it welcomed local representatives and guests from all over Japan.

The Connect Table, Furano (September 2022)

The event featured a lavish spread in the middle of a vineyard, where guests enjoyed the marriage of Furano wine and dishes made with seasonal local ingredients. Chef Kenichi Otsuka, the proprietor of Le Gaulois Furano in Furano, prepared a special feast for the occasion, complete with a course menu showcasing Furano's finest, including Wagyu Beef, pumpkins, and potatoes, all locally harvested.

Every facet of the event was considered, all the way down to the seamless, custom-made tablecloth designed to fit the 22-meter table perfectly.

I like to put my soul into something that will disappear - a moment - as a form on the spot...
Executive Event Producer Yuzuru Hayashi, CEO of EXEC.INTERNATIONAL INC. and a proud member of TAROjin says, "The most important thing is to see people's smiles. I'm always trying to figure out what I can do to see those smiles on people's faces, so I try to dig down into the content and find value in it. I like to put my soul into something that will disappear - a moment - as a form on the spot and offer that to the guests."

The event was soundtracked by the world-famous violinist Iwao Furusawa, whose music echoed across the open plains of Furano. To experience such an elegant, luxurious, and romantic meal amid such beautiful nature while feeling the bounty of the northern land is the ultimate in contemporary Japanese hospitality.

Farm Tomita: Home to fields of purple

While Hokkaido is well known for its long, snowy winters, visit, and you'll learn it's an excellent summer destination too. With mild temperatures and lush landscapes, Hokkaido summers are synonymous with one particular scene: the spectacular fields of Furano's lavender farms.

Farm Tomita is Furano's centerpiece of all things lavender. The farm is one of Hokkaido's largest tourist attractions, bringing in over 1 million people annually from all over Japan and the world. Lavender blooms from late June to early August, making for sights so colorful they have to be seen to be believed.

For melon lovers, Tomita Melon House sitting just next door to the lavender farm, is a place to get your melon fix. Hokkaido is known for its Yubari King melons, the most expensive melons in the world. While the melons sold here in Tomita Melon House are Furano melons, most will agree they're equally sweet and refreshing.

Cheese Production and Confectioneries

Hokkaido produces about 50% of Japan's milk and a whole range of other dairy products, while Furano is a key producer of premium cheese and butter.

Furano Cheese Factory produces delicious camembert-type cheese and cheese and dairy products. There's also an ice cream shop selling a variety of ice cream flavors, including must-tries such as pumpkin, cheese, and asparagus.

Furano Delice is a local legacy store. Located not so far from the cheese factory, it's a confectionary shop and café that offers the tourists and locals their homemade cakes and the signature double-layered cheesecake "Double Fromage" using two types of cheese and the famous Furano Milk Pudding. They're definitely worth trying if you have the opportunity.

Furano Burger

Furano Burger is arguably one of the best burger destinations in Hokkaido; try it yourself and see. The restaurant is managed by Furano Ranch, which produces and distributes ham, bacon, and other pork-based items sourced directly from the area, and the burgers here use 100% pork, not beef.

The thick patty, sliced cheese, fresh lettuce, and tomatoes are tightly packed in between the bun, making it difficult to hold it all together while the juicy gravy overflows with each irresistible bite.

Located about 10 minutes by car east of Furano Station on the JR Nemuro and Furano lines, the restaurant is situated in a quiet countryside right next to Torinuma Park. It is open only from April to October and is very popular during the summer, with customers waiting for over an hour. It is a must-try culinary adventure in the Furano summer.

Yuzuru Hayashi
Born in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo in 1961. Since founding EXEC.INTERNATIONAL INC. in 1990, he has worked as a scenographer designer, mainly for parties and gala dinners of world-class luxury brands. His authentic and modern direction perfectly expresses true luxury. In recent years, he has been active in various fields, such as interior coordination for model rooms of luxury residences, naming products and services, and logo design for commercial buildings, regional development, and Investor Relations. Mr. Hayashi is also a collector of vintage cycling jerseys and promo vinyl records.

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