• The Peninsula Tokyo: Where opulence, elegance, traditionalism and art collide


    The Peninsula Tokyo: Where opulence, elegance, traditionalism and art collide


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Sitting at the precipice of the Ginza and Marunouchi districts, looking out onto the Imperial Palace and Hibiya Park, The Peninsula Tokyo was always set to be a statement location. Architect Kazukiyo Sato, the brains behind this royal residence of modern luxury and traditional elegance, wanted to make a statement from the beginning.

He did with this free-standing structure – the free-standing-ness being a rare feature among Tokyo's luxury hotels – that enveloped those lucky enough to walk through the doors a slice of paradise and peace in the center of one of the world's busiest cities.

As you step into the lobby, you'll notice immediately how almost every inch of this grand establishment is inspired by art. The hotel's interior designer, the legendary Hashimoto Yukio, sculpted a space built around a more than 1,000-piece-large collection of works from more than 85 artists, most of whom are Japanese.

Two key highlights from the collection include the Lying Dragon Gate and The Void. The former of which is a massive bamboo sculpture by Keisen Hama, which takes up residence in the hotel's lobby; the sleek swooping silhouette depicts a dragon lying protectively over the universe, protecting it from evil spirits.

The grand staircase

Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu crafted The Void; A collection of 24 glowing, cone-shaped sculptures suspended in the hotel's 70-meter-high atrium. Glowing with an electric buzz, it's enigmatic but enthralling in its inky blackness. Both pieces are integral parts of the hotel's DNA and an example of how art, modernity, and traditionalism collide, forming pillars of the Peninsula hotel experience.

Another final piece worth noting in the public space is Shuhei Hasado's clay art which you can find in the hotel's lobby and on the grand staircase. One of the best examples of his work is situated behind the front desk, here is a wall covered in 70 layers of clay in various shades of brown, crafted by a traditional technique known as 'hanchiku.'

When it comes to the rooms, there's a clear contemporary Japanese aesthetic that guides the design principles, from the smallest of spaces to the grandest of suites. Think cherry wood slatted headboards, bold, regal reds, and deep black lacquer offset by soft, cedar panels and touches of gold. Traditional Japanese flourishes, like the yukata and obi that take the role of leisure wear and deep-soaking tubs in the bathroom, give the spaces a sense of effortless authenticity. Many of the rooms come with views of the Imperial Palace gardens, Hibiya Park, and the skyline of Tokyo.

Grand Premier Garden King Room
The Peninsula Spa

The hotel has a variety of rooms to suit different tastes; there are the cozier options of the Deluxe Room, Premier Room, and Grand Premier Park Room.

One of our top recommendations is the Grand Premiere Suite corner room with the most comfortable living room area, offering a breathtaking view of the Imperial Palace. In the spring, its scenic beauty is intensified by the countless beautiful pink and white ‘sakura’ trees, which makes this suite a most comfortable home-away-from-home that you’d want to order in, and have a relaxed evening with your guests.

Grand Premiere Suite

The 347 square meter Peninsula Suite, however, is the epitome of Peninsula luxury. Complete with a sun-drenched private balcony, grand piano, your own gym and study, and Peninsula’s signature floor-to-ceiling marbled bathroom, unparalleled city views from large windows – and a contemporary dining room that can seat 12, with a kitchen for the in-house chef, as well as the option to enjoy a traditional private Tea Ceremony conducted in their suite. It's opulence on a whole new level.

The Peninsula Suite

For those who want to make the most of their spectacular rooms, the option of in-room dining is available and includes a traditional Japanese Breakfast curated by Chef Kazuo Takagi from "Kyoryouri TAKAGI," a two-star Michelin awarded restaurant in Ashiya, Kobe, as well as cozy comfort food like the 'Peninsula only' customized ramen from Ippudo – where the specially developed noodles don’t get soggy when they reach the guest rooms! The warm freshly boiled noodles are served in a red bowl steaming with Ippudo signature tonkotsu broth poured on top as it’s being served. The In-Room Dining staff work 24 hours a day to deliver delightful dishes to your door.

In-Room Dining

While in-room dining is a cozy joy, there's something to be said for getting out and exploring the culinary options within the hotel's impressive network of restaurants.


Hei Fung Terrace

Hei Fung Terrace, is a high-end dining experience offering Cantonese fare, dim sum specialties, and an interior that resembles the classical gardens of Suzhou, complete with stone paths and wooden floor,, lush plants, and yes vintage birdcages! There are four private rooms with picturesque views, and the sakura in the spring. But our top recommendation – be sure to book the ‘chef’s table’, for a true sizzling experience!

Hei Fung Terrace

Those with a sweet tooth should head down to the afternoon tea by the entrance, offered daily. Or to The Peninsula Boutique & Café for their famous mango pudding, a pudding so popular the bakery sells 300 a day! While there, you can marvel at the artistry of the pastry chefs crafting sweets.

Afternoon Tea at The Lobby
The Peninsula Tokyo Breakfast

Try some Kobe beef at Steak & Grill Peter, which with its moody, chrome-polished trees and 180-degree views of Tokyo and the Imperial Palace Gardens, sets the mood for one very special night out. The bar, which is named after the company's COO, Mr. Peter Borer is home to the hotel's much-loved signature cocktails "Tokyo Joe" / "W R (Rolls Royce)," Peninsula’s beloved "Little Pageboy," and "Tokyo Joe Next Generation" each offering a unique 'taste' of what the Peninsula has to offer. Not to be missed!


Finally, when you are ready to explore beyond the plush surroundings of this incredible establishment, the Peninsula's stylish house cars, like the customized Rolls-Royce 1934 Phantom II, or for the more contemporary traveler, Tesla Model S. will be ready and waiting to take you where you want to go.

The Peninsula Tokyo
1-8-1 Yurakucho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
100-0006 Japan

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