• The beauty of a Japanese wedding


    The beauty of a Japanese wedding


"Stylistic beauty passed down through generations."
In Japanese we have a special a term, 'kankonsōsai' (冠婚葬祭), translated it means 'ceremonial occasions' and refers to family events that celebrate a person's circle of life including birth and after death.

Some key events include the coming-of-age ceremony, weddings, funerals and Buddhist memorial services. Each celebration is interconnected with the daily lives of Japanese people. It's incredible to think that these events are held every single day somewhere in the nation.

Elements of Japanese culture, customs, and creativity, like architecture, tableware, kimono and swords, as well as sake and Japanese food are meticulously woven into 'kankonsōsai' occasions. Such incorporation of the culture means that the customs and traditions of Japan will remain.

The traditional wedding ceremony is the embodiment of Japanese style. It's rare to find a place like Japan, a country where weddings coexist in so many different ways.

Weddings held in churches, temples, shrines, and elsewhere are beautiful and majestic in their own unique ways.

The Shinto-style wedding ceremony, hosted in the sacred and traditional grounds of the shrine, is the epitome of Japanese elegance.

In front of God, the bride wears a kimono known as a shiromuku, dazzling in its whiteness, it's a symbol of purity. The groom at the head enters the shrine to the sound of 'gagaku', ancient Japanese court music.

In front of the enshrined God, the two drink sake with one sake cup, exchanging words, they proclaim their dedication to one another and celebrate their unity.

Experiencing a wedding ceremony in Japan is not only a life-altering event but also a continuation of the legacy of Japanese beauty.

Shrine Wedding (Izumi Taisha)
"Two in a mythical country."
Izumo Taisha Shrine is one of the nation's most sacred shrines.
Standing proud in a mythological country described in Japan's oldest history book, Izumo Taisha enshrines the God of "matchmaking," the spirit connecting men and women.

With years of knowledge and an unparalleled understanding of the Japanese wedding experience, local expert Nomura Hiroko will guide you through the ceremony.

The weddings she leads at Izumo Grand Shrine are not only for the bride and groom to get married. They're also to connect with the God of marriage and the legacy and of this richly spiritual land.