• Atami Kaihourou - The water and glass ryokan designed by Kengo Kuma


    Atami Kaihourou - The water and glass ryokan designed by Kengo Kuma


Located in the beach town of Atami, on the northeast coast of the Izu Peninsula sits Atami Kaihourou, a ryokan that redefines what a ryokan can be. This accommodation has only four rooms on offer, ensuring that the most intimate and attentive service possible.

The first thing that you will notice when entering the building is the almost fluid ambience of the ryokan's 'water and glass,' theme, blurring the lines between nature and human-made creations.

Boasting unparalleled panoramic views of Sagami Bay, the port of Atami, and the mountains that flank sea, Kaihoro was designed by Kengo Kuma, one of the world's greatest architectural icons, and the man who created the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium.

The concept of the ryokan is to 'surround yourself in art.' Kuma meticulously designed it for guests to enjoy artisan craftsmanship like the glass creations that dot the space and the magnificent artwork that line the walls.

Greatly inspired by German architect Bruno Taut's Hyuga Villa in nearby Atami, Kuma crafted a space that both frames nature yet is itself framed by and is simultaneously at one with nature. By refracting light and manipulating the reflection of water through the use of glass and stainless steel, the relationship between the ryokan and the environment is ever-changing and always connected.

A luxury hotel merged with traditional Japanese 'omotenashi' hospitality and kaiseki haute cuisine, Kaihourou is a ryokan for the modern ages.

Featured Room

This is the most popular room in the ryokan, and tends to book up quickly, up to six months in advance, particularly on fireworks weekends. Sleeping is on twin beds, or double on request. The rotemburo outdoor bath is shielded by louvres for both privacy and full circulation of cooling breezes.

Access Information
Closest Train Station: Atami Station
Closest Bus Station: N/A
Free pick-up service: N/A
Complimentary transfer from/to Atami Station (5 min) / Reservation required
Key Gate Way Int'l Airport and Train (Shinkansen) Station
Osaka International Airport
Kansai International Airport
Tokyo International Airport
Haneda International Airport
Tokyo Station
Shin-Osaka Station
Kyoto Station

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