• Hotel Ridge - Your study in perfect balance


    Hotel Ridge - Your study in perfect balance


A study in perfect balance. Perched on a cliff between the whirlpools of Naruto and the expansive Shikoku sky. Blending traditional Japanese hospitality and aesthetics with modern design and technology. A wellness resort that embraces the indulgence of fine wine and delicious food. Hotel Ridge is a luxurious natural escape where adults can reconnect with nature and reset their own equilibrium.

Located less than an hour from the city of Tokushima on rugged Shimada Island, Hotel Ridge is an exclusive resort with just 10 expansive suites. Each provides spectacular views of the famed Naruto Ohashi Bridge, the craggy islands of the Seto Inland Sea, and the untamed nature of the Setonaikai National Park, while the staggered layout ensures guests can repose in complete privacy. Modern Japanese-style rooms add a taste of local culture, while Western-style rooms offer higher beds and sofas for more comfort. Two onsite dining options turn the rich bounty of Tokushima's soil and sea into flawlessly presented Japanese and French dining experiences, and a natural hot spring and comfortably appointed spa provide ample opportunity for relaxation.

Hotel Ridge is a luxury retreat that revels in beauty of the changing seasons and the quiet of nature without foregoing the visceral enjoyment of fine dining and luxury accommodation. Come experience the uncomplicated pleasure of this exquisite wellness resort.

Featured Room

Waso Modern Japanese-style
Slip through a covered cobblestone walkway into the luxurious world of your private suite, where picture windows and clean lines enhance the warm light of the Seto Inland Sea and the soothing whites and blues of the modern decor mirror the natural coastal beauty just beyond your expansive sun terrace. An Ohtani-yaki soaking tub big enough for two, rain shower, and sheltered interior deck offer a peaceful oasis for more private relaxation. Silky soft tatami mats, lush Imabari linens and plump sofa perches provide a subtle texture of refinement accented by dark wood shoji screens and the warm light of washi paper lamps, cocooning you in the sublime simplicity of Japanese design.

Access Information
Closest Train Station: Naruto Station
Closest Bus Station: Naruto Express Bus Stop
Free pick-up service: YES (Reservation Required)
Tokushima Airport (40min) / Naruto Express Bus Stop (15min) / JR Naruto Station (20min) / Otsuka Museum of Art (5min) Key Gate Way Int'l Airport and Train (Shinkansen) Station
Osaka International Airport
Kansai International Airport
Tokyo International Airport
Haneda International Airport
Tokyo Station
Shin-Osaka Station
Kyoto Station

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