• Experience the best of Japan with these ocean-side luxury ryokans


    Experience the best of Japan with these ocean-side luxury ryokans


While it's most famously known for its slick inner-city scenes and pristine power dusted alps, many forget that Japan is one of the most diverse archipelagos in the world. Island clusters, scenic bays and spectacular peninsulas, you haven't experienced Japan until you've embraced its coastal side. One of the best ways to take it all in is by visiting a beach-side luxury ryokan that blends traditional Japanese hospitality with the luxury of beach living.

Hotel Ridge, Tokushima

Situated on the picturesque island of Shimada, the luxurious Hotel Ridge resort is an otherworldly ocean escape that blends the liberating feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world, while still offering the highest level of creature comforts. The hotel's location perched high on a cliff on the northeastern corner of the island offers incredible ocean views from each of the resort's ten spacious rooms, as well as scenes of Naruto Ohashi Bridge, Setonaikai National Park, and the islands of the Seto Inland Sea.

Blending traditional Japanese design and hospitality with modern flourishes, and technology, Hotel Ridge offers the best of both worlds in a setting that transforms with the passing seasons. You can opt for either western or Japanese style rooms, choose between an onsen and spa experience and when it comes to dining, try some of Tokushima's most exquisite produce crafted into meticulously curated Japanese and French dining experiences.

Kaihourou, Atami

Located in the beach town of Atami, on the northeast coast of the Izu Penninsula sits Atami Kaihourou, a ryokan that redefines what a ryokan can be. This accommodation has only four rooms on offer, ensuring that the most intimate and attentive service possible. The first thing that you will notice when entering the building is the almost fluid ambience of the ryokan's 'water and glass,' theme, blurring the lines between nature and human-made creations.

Boasting unparalleled panoramic views of Sagami Bay, the port of Atami, and the mountains that flank sea, Kaihourou was designed by Kengo Kuma, one of the world's greatest architectural icons, and the man who created the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium. Merging luxury hotel design features with traditional Japanese 'omotenashi' hospitality and kaiseki haute cuisine, Kaihoro is a ryokan for the modern ages.

Sazane, Chiba

Sazane is a ryokan defined by its connection to the sea. Situated on the south-west coast of Chiba, this peaceful escape takes its name from the Japanese characters for gently rippling water and sound, embodying the essence of seaside tranquillity. Each of the establishment's 12 luxurious rooms come with a west-facing private veranda equipped with a granite hot spring bath, so guests can soak up the scenic beauty of Mt. Fuji while soaking in the soothing mineral-rich waters.

Owner of Sazane, Kenichi Hiruta is a veteran hotelier who meticulously curated every inch of this establishment, from the fresh seafood he sources directly from local fishermen and cocktail list to the original room wear.

Shinra, Chiba

Nestled between the rugged mountains of Boso Peninsula and the clear water of Tateyama Bay sits Shinra, an inn that feels equal parts luxury resort and traditional ryokan establishment. The complex features eight different room styles to suit all manners of guests, the constants being the incredible ocean views, private outdoor hot spring baths and the highest level of hospitality.

One of the best views is from the glass-walled restaurant, where you can witness the sunset paint the sky vivid shades of orange, red and purple, while you enjoy trans-regional kaiseki cuisine, featuring the finest produce Japan has to offer, from Ise lobsters to wagyu beef. For those planning to stay a few nights, staff can organize tailored experiences like open-air beachfront barbecues and traditional kappo-style sushi meals you'll never forget.

Sekaie, Atami

Looking out onto the picturesque Sagami Bay is where you'll find Sekaie, a ryokan built around the ethos of "inbound and Health." The establishment was created with the needs and wishes of international guests in mind and works tirelessly to ensure its offerings promote the health and wellbeing of its guests through cuisine, activities and services.

Each of the meticulously designed rooms blends classic Japanese influence design with modern amenities and features hinoki wood finished rotenburo (open-air baths) that face out onto the Sagami Bay offering sprawling ocean views and scenes of Atami city. Atami Sekaie's restaurant, Tsukushi, also features spectacular ocean views and serves up kaseki dishes that suit a variety of dietary requirements, including vegetarian and halal options. Close enough to Tokyo to visit for a weekend trip, but far enough from Tokyo to feel like a real ocean retreat.

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