• Meet TAROjin Baptiste Tavernier the Avant-garde Artist Blending Traditionalism and Futurism


    Meet TAROjin Baptiste Tavernier the Avant-garde Artist Blending Traditionalism and Futurism


It’s clear that French native and proud TAROjin Baptiste Tavernier was born to be a channel through which cross-cultural creativity would flow. Throughout his career, the multidisciplinary artist has explored and made his mark on multiple artistic forms including experimental music, painting and martial arts, the latter two which are where his current focus lies.

Born 1981 in France, Baptiste’s first serious foray into the art world was at Paris University where he studied digital arts and musical composition. In 2006, he moved to Japan on the hunt for new creative endeavours and the opportunity to immerse himself in the world of martial arts.

In less than a decade, Baptiste reached high ranks in multiple modern Budo and classical fighting styles
After moving to Japan it took Baptiste less than a decade to reach high ranks in multiple modern Budo and classical fighting styles and achieve proficiency in the production and repair of armour, all while studying ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), the Japanese heraldic tradition ‘Monsho Gaku’, and releasing two albums with Japanese shakuhachi player, Sabu Orimo.

His cultural achievements are proof of Baptiste’s razor-sharp focus and passion for exploring new artistic forms. Beyond just practising the forms, he’s also become a gatekeeper for international audiences wanting to know more about the enigmatic world of traditional Japanese art, writing articles and books on the topic of martial arts.

In recent times Baptiste has started exploring new more holistic forms of self-expression and improvement, like his explorations into the healing power of breath work, meditation and crystal bowl healing. He’s combining Zen meditation philosophy with the crystal bowl techniques which have origins in ancient Egypt.

“Like our musical instruments, our bodies need tuning every day. The imbalance caused by various stresses weakens immunity and even damages mental health,” he says. “When wrapped in the pure and rich tone of the crystal bowl, the brain waves change to a state of deep meditation. You can relax with the mysterious feeling of being drawn into the world of nothingness. Then, the vibration that spreads like a ripple cleans up your mind and body.”

Baptiste’s other impressive works include his creation of the fictitious surreal universe he calls Terra Oblivia which revolve mainly around the theme of mazes and labyrinths. “The labyrinth has served throughout centuries as a symbol marking the centre of the world as well as a metaphor for the city,” he explains. Since 2014, his pieces have been exhibited internationally in North America, Europe and Asia.

A blend of futurism and great respect for the past, seeing Japan through the eyes of Baptiste is to see the country in a whole new light.

Baptiste Tavernier bio
Tavernier was born in 1981 in Vaison-la-Romaine, France. He received his Master's degree (musicology) from Paris VIII University and started a Ph.D. (unfinished) in digital arts, but decided to move to Japan when he was 26. There he studied martial arts for seven years at the International Budo University in Chiba.

A tireless Jack-of-all-trades, Baptiste has worked in Japan as an armour repairer, appeared on martial arts TV shows on NHK, composed music and works for several magazines, including "Kendo World" and "Yashima". He's parallelly pursuing a career in modern art and has been exhibiting his art internationally since 2014.

Baptiste holds the following grades: Tankendo Renshi 6th dan, Jukendo 5th dan, Naginata 4th dan, Battodo 2nd dan. He also studies and teaches classical martial school Tendo-ryu.

He's the author of "Jukendo and Tankendo Kata" June 1st 2019; Co-author: "宮本武蔵 兵法35カ条(フランス語版)with Musashi Miyamoto and contributor Sergio Boffa.

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